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Tom Bunday - Founder of Woodworx Property Development

Tom Bunday

Founder and Director

After running a trade business for many years and having left over funds to invest I knew that if I truly wanted passive income I would need to get into property. At first, I didn't know where to start but I took the plunge anyway. After several years, and learning from a few mistakes along the way, I thrive off the challenge of sourcing and managing various property projects in order to give strong returns to both my projects and investors.

Successfully generating income from property is now something I've done, it's something I'm actively doing and it's something I'm investing my own money into. I'm now looking to help others invest their money. Our aim is to build up a portfolio of property that will generate consistent returns for our investors. 

If you want to get into property but you're not sure exactly where to start, then I'd like to help you. I can advise you through the entire process of making money with property, or you can take advantage of our hands free approach that will get you the financial returns of property without any of the hassle.

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